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Latest Company Case About Why PCB needs to be assembled?
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Why PCB needs to be assembled?

 Latest company case about Why PCB needs to be assembled?

Increased Efficiency


Panelized assembly allows for multiple smaller boards to be assembled at once, reducing the number of assembly steps and increasing production efficiency




Panelization reduces the cost of producing PCBs as it eliminates the need to set up individual PCBs on a production line. Instead, a single panel containing multiple PCBs can be processed at once, reducing setup times and labor costs.


Easier Handling


Panelized assemblies are easier to handle during the assembly process, reducing the risk of damage to the individual boards.


Improved Quality Control


Panelized PCBs undergo rigorous testing procedures before they are separated into individual boards. This ensures that each PCB meets strict quality standards, resulting in fewer defects and improved overall product reliability.




Hengxunda offers customized panelization services that allow customers to get the exact PCB size and configuration they need. This helps to reduce material waste and lowers production costs while ensuring the desired functionality of the final product.


Efficient Production


Panelization allows multiple PCBs to be manufactured at the same time, significantly increasing production efficiency. This means that Hengxunda can produce more PCBs in less time, which is important for meeting tight deadlines and keeping up with customer demands.