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HASCEND ELECTRONIC (HK) LIMITED Capabilities Introduction

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HASCEND ELECTRONIC (HK) LIMITED Capabilities Introduction

Product Details:

Detailed Product Description

Process Capability And Checking Parameters(Rigid PCB)
NO ITEM Technical Capabilities
1 Layers 1-38L
2 Max.Board Size 1200*610mm
3 Finished Board Thickness 0.2mm--10.0mm
4 Finished Copper Thickness 17um-420um
5 Min.Trace Width/Space 0.075mm/0.065mm
6 Min.Hole Size 0.15mm
7 Hole Dim. Tolerance(PTH) ±0.05mm
8 Hole Dim.Tolerance(NPTH) ±0.05mm
9 Drill Location Tolerance ±0.05mm
10 V-Cut Degrees 20-90 ºC
11 Min.V-Cut PCB Thickness 0.4mm
12 N/C Routing Tolerance ±0.1mm
13 Min.Blind/Buried Via 0.15mm
14 Plug Hole Size 0.2mm--0.6mm
15 Min.BGA PAD 0.2mm
16 Materials FR4(TG130-TG170),Aluminium,Halogen-free,Rogers,ShengYi,KB
17 Surface Finish HASL-LF,ENIG,ImAg,ImSn,OSP,Gold platting, ENIG+OSP,HAL+G/F
18 Warp & Twist ≤0.75%
19 Electrical Testing 50--300V
20 Solderability Testing 245±5ºC,3sec Wetting area least95%
21 Thermal Cycling Testing 288±5ºC,10sec,3cycles
22 Ionic Contamination Testing Pb,Hg,Cd,Cr(VI),PBB,PBDE six items are less than 1000ppm
23 Soldmask Adhesion Testing 260ºC+/-5, 10S,3times


Process Capability - Technical Parameters(FPC)
Content Common Special Surface treatment Thickness
Minimum line width 0.07mm 0.05mm Electroplated nickel gold Ni:3-9um;Au:0.03-0.1um
Minimum line spacing 0.07mm 0.05mm
Minimum Drilling aperture Φ 0.15mm Φ 0.1mm
Aperture Tolerance ±0.1mm ±0.05mm Chemical immersion gold Ni:3-5um;Au:0.03-0.1um
Maximum imposition size (single panel) 610mm*1200mm(Exposure limit) 250mm*35mm(only develop test samples)
Maximum imposition size (double panel) 610mm*1200mm(Exposure limit) 250mm*35mm(only develop test samples)
Maximum imposition size (single panel & double panel no PTH self-drying ink + UV light solid) 610*1650mm Electroplated hard gold Ni:2-9um;Au:0.1-0.3um
Finished board impedance tolerance ±10% Electroplated pure tin Sn:3-7um
Maximum production layer 12L
Thickness To Diameter Ratio 2:1(Minimum aperture 0.1mm)
5:1(Minimum aperture 0.2mm) Anti-oxidation  
8:1(Minimum aperture 0.3mm)
Monthly production capacity/m² 16000 m²
Substrate Material PI(0.5mil,1mil,2mil),PET(0.5mil,1mil)
Conductive Medium Copper foil(1/3oz,1/2oz,1oz,2oz)
Silver Paste
Copper Ink
Adhesive Epoxy resin, Acrylic, Adhesion
Solder Mask / Protective Film PI(0.5mil,1mil,2mil)(Yellow, White, Black)
Solder mask (green, yellow, black...)
Glue 3M467,3M468,3M9077,TESA8853...
Reinforcement Type PI,FR4,PET,Steel,Aluminum...

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